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We have a collection of "-nomy" modules for your website. Each module has a frontend main website and a backend admin panel. It integrates with your website by pointing your subdomain to a module's frontend; for example: -> the erpnomy module. We currently have 1 module ready for production, 3 modules in development, and many more modules planned. Find out more by getting started today! Checkout our solutions and be sure to let us know how we are doing.

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Websites are like sail boats. They require a main haul or backend API. They require a main mast or frontend interface. When put together and under the right wind-conditions/user-interations your boat/project can successfully navigate to it's destination.
Say hello to where your project is not just another website; because we treat your project as if it were a high end yacht. We're not as expensive as you might think though, as we only charge per request. So no wind-under-you-sails/user-interactions then no movement/charge.

Therefore, the better user experience we create, the more user-interactions your website will get, thus the more profit we can both make.

A wind wind situation :)

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underwind // subvind

Travis Burandt


The suffix "-nomy" is derived from the Greek word "nomos," which means "law," "custom," or "management." When added to the end of a word, it forms nouns that typically refer to a system, science, or study of a particular subject or field. These words are often used to describe the principles, rules, or governance of that subject.



- nomy.HOME

a homenomy frontend and backend module that covers settings and configuration for an oganization as well as analytics and members plus it is the splash landing homepage for everything installed org wide.

- nomy.ERP

a erpnomy frontend and backend module that covers a business' Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) needs such as orders and inventory management plus it is capable of hosting many catalogs of products behind many storefronts.

- nomy.DESK

a desknomy frontend and backend module which has a client area or control panel for clients plus it is capable of handling many tasks behind many kanban boards.

- nomy.TUBE

a tubenomy frontend and backend module which has a dashboard for content creators plus it is capable of hosting many catalogs of videos behind many galleries.


isTrav Subvind

Software Agency that builds µSaaS Modules stands out as a premier software agency offering unparalleled advantages for businesses seeking a dynamic online presence. Distinctive in its approach, we treat each project as a high-end yacht, delivering affordable excellence through a pay-per-request model. Our focus on optimized user experiences ensures increased interactions and profitability—a true "wind wind" situation. With top-tier full-stack development showcased in a distinctive portfolio, our holistic modules cover organizational settings, ERP needs, client control, and content creation.

Catering to businesses looking to expand and take control of their online presence, we provide tailored, self-sufficient solutions. Elevate your digital journey with us—where craftsmanship meets user-centricity for comprehensive, all-in-one business enhancement.

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Our µSaaS Modules run behind your own domain name.

Solid Branding

A consistant theme that promotes a single image across all our µSaaS Modules.


Attach subdomains to your website that point to our µSaaS Modules for easy navigation.

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